The future of liquid management is here

FlowInfo is a Kiwi company on a mission to make liquid management easy for businesses.

We aim to support businesses with their inventory management and monitoring across their business through innovative cloud-based solutions.

Our liquid management technologies enable you to monitor your business fluid transactions including for petrol, diesel, Jet A fuels amongst others, helping you manage your company’s liquid assets and fluid consumables.

FlowInfo systems use cloud-based software that is supported by intelligent hardware, enabling your business to manage and track your fluids with integration of transactional data across multiple sources, giving your fleet or operations team the ease of a one stop shop.

Managing your liquid usage means you can minimise the impact on your business from increasing materials costs, use your liquids more efficiently and reduce your impact on the environment.

So why engage with FlowInfo?

We will help you ensure your liquid inventory is accurately managed and easily viewable

We can help optimise your asset performance through efficient use of liquid consumables

We can enable you to manage the financial risk to your business and reduce fiscal impact

We provide remote management of liquids, for example fuel, which can reduce shrinkage and cost

We have technicians available to help you 24/7 – as a local company we understand that sometimes you need support outside of hours

We are 100% kiwi owned and operated

Flow Info cloud based software system devices

FlowInfo works with your business to support you with fluid inventory management and monitoring through innovative solutions.

Start managing your liquid effectively today

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