The future of liquid management is here

With FlowInfo, managing the impact of liquid cost through tracking your usage has never been easier or more cost effective.

We are on a mission to make liquid management easy for businesses.

What is FlowInfo?

FlowInfo is a liquid management system with a cloud-based software system, supported by intelligent hardware.

Why FlowInfo?

FlowInfo shows you how fluids are being used, where, who by, and through which supplier so you can optimise your business.

Liquids vs Fluids

A liquid is a substance that flows freely but is of constant volume, having a consistency like that of water or oil.

A fluid is a substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure; a gas or (especially) a liquid

Manage Your Liquid Use From All Sources

Our software integrates all your transactions – from all sources, including different suppliers. You can utilise our software to reduce risks and cost through effective fuel management and by utilising intelligent reporting and analysis.

  • Accommodate multiple organisations
  • Option for on-billing to third parties
  • Data recording and logging
  • Transaction, plant, and staff use analysis
  • Mobile app for hand-held devices

Capture & Analyse Your Transactions

Our mobile app can be used for manual and mobile automated transactions. Intelligent SmartMeters capture transactions with key information and verification, with almost instantaneous upload to the software via the mobile app.

  • Transactions captured by Intelligent SmartMeters
  • Android & iOS support
  • Support from multiple suppliers
  • Secure verification to prevent fraudulent use
  • Instantaneous uploads

How The FlowInfo System Works

Note: we do not only deal with tanks, but we work with pipelines, drainage, water supply and irrigators as well.

The Benefits Of FlowInfo

Liquid Management

Manage & monitor your liquid usage and liquid inventory

Business Impact

Enable you to manage the impact on your business of the cost of liquid as it rises


Optimise & streamline liquid use within your business

Inventory Accuracy

Ensure liquid inventory management is accurate

Maximise Performance

Maximise equipment performance through overview of liquid consumption

Suppliers & Contractors

Manage & monitor your suppliers & contractors' liquid costs

Case Studies


This customer faced the challenge of accurately reporting water usage for filing returns to the local authority. With an allocation of water across the property the ‘usual’ method of reading mechanical meters and sending the usage report to Council had become both onerous and precarious.

Static Tank

The customer operates a complex and demanding business requiring high value and high volume of fuel to be managed from initial tank purchase to the plant item, via mobile delivery tanks

Fuel Management

The customer operates a complex and demanding business requiring high value and high volume of fuel to be managed from initial tank purchase to the plant item, via mobile delivery tanks

Client Testimonials

“The thing about tracking the volume of fuel we use, we get a good idea on how we use our fuel. This enables us to plan for changes through the business and work more efficiently. If we have any slippage, we didn't really know about it. Now we'll be able to tighten that up use our fuel more efficiently.”

Mr James GoosenOperations Manager

“Without tracking, it’s an unknown. Once the fuel gets into the tank, you hope it all goes into the planes and is being used efficiently. It is nice to know exactly where the fuel goes. The more you get to know about your business, the better you can control it or find efficiencies.”

Tony StewartAsset Manager

Start Managing Your Liquid Usage Effectively

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