FlowInfo is a kiwi owned and operated company that started in 2015 developing leading, patented technologies to manage fuel. Since then, FlowInfo has started working with global partners to strengthen our technology, meet the world of Internet of Things as we strive to provide you, our customer, with advanced technology to manage your liquids and fuels.

Branching out from petroleum-based fuel products into oil, water – and recently into wine – in 2020 led to us changing our name to FlowInfo Limited. We will continue to develop our products, provide cost effective solutions and work with you to manage your liquid and fuel assets.

We are also a locally based company, so we have a team that are available to help you during local business and after hours, to ensure that your fuel management is always running smoothly.

Customer Testimonials

he thing about tracking the volume of fuel we use, we get a good idea on how we use our fuel. This enables us to plan for changes through the business and work more efficiently. If we have any slippage, we didn't really know about it. Now we'll be able to tighten that up use our fuel more efficiently.

James GoosenOperations Manager

Without tracking, it’s an unknown. Once the fuel gets into the tank, you hope it all goes into the planes and is being used efficiently. It is nice to know exactly where the fuel goes. The more you get to know about your business, the better you can control it or find efficiencies.”

Tony StewartAsset Manager