FlowInfo was founded by Graeme Perry, who after over 25 years in the fleet management industry recognised a large gap in liquid management – the ability to track, manage and report on usage.

“We are on a mission to make liquid management easy for businesses so that they can focus on running their business and achieving their strategic goals. We equip our customers with smart technology and our liquid management system, to enable them to monitor, manage and report on their fluids – supporting them to manage their spend on an ever-increasing operational cost.” – Graeme Perry.

“Throughout successful businesses today, people use data to make informed decisions. FlowInfo’s aim is to provide businesses who use large volumes of liquids, transparent data and insights on their liquid use for them to action decisions about their business in a timely manner. We aim to support businesses with their inventory management as well as their monitoring across their business.” – Jan Du Toit (National Sales Manager)