How we help our customers

Check out our latest case studies from our clients and see how our FlowInfo technology solutions can help your business with its operation and project needs.

Case Study: Water

FlowInfo worked with this customer to help provide security of his water allocation through accurate reporting to the local Council. With an allocation of water across the property, the ‘usual’ method of reading mechanical meters and sending the usage report to Council had become both onerous and precarious.

Utilising FlowInfo technology solutions, the customer was able to reduce the time spent uploading data, increase oversight of maintenance of their systems, and build better stakeholder relationships with the local Council.

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Case Study: Static Tank and Fuel Management

The customer’s manually based systems were failing to capture all the volume of fuel being dispensed from their fuel tank. As volumes per month increased this became a concern for our customer because administrator time was being spent on chasing down errors, and they were unable to get an accurate business view of their overall costs and fuel used.

FlowInfo worked with the customer to look at their business holistically and support them with technology and data management solutions to manage their fuel, reduce their outgoing costs and administration time which resulted in a positive outcome for our customer in the long term.

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