Smart technology on the move

Our Mobile Smart Meter technology is installed on trailer or vehicle based (up to 5,000L) tanks using battery or vehicle power. They will capture, store and transmit transactions for that tank. Our system then does the leg work for you through a cloud-based system, it captures the data for that tank to ensure that you are accurately monitoring your inventory.

The Mobile Smart Meter can verify users against your predetermined database, requesting them to use a login or PIN. The meters are easy to use via keypad input with no tags or cards required. If the user is not approved, the system intervenes and advises them to contact an administrator and no transaction can take place.

Our cloud-based software that supports our Smart Meter technology, integrates all transaction data to a single system for intelligent analysis including data on use, plant, equipment and location.

Our Mobile Smart Meter is powered either by the vehicle battery or we can establish a rechargeable Smart Meter battery for Trailer use. Out Mobile Smart Meter will store all transactions for up to 365 days for protection against transmission and power loss, and can help you track both your equipment maintenance, and odometer or hour readings of that equipment.