The next generation in fuel management solutions

Link is a revolutionary, easy to install hardware, with a user-friendly cloud-based app that allows you instant access to your fuel and fluid inventory, for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Its so easy to install in fact, you can do it yourself!

Link consists of an innovative one-piece hardware component that connects to the pump/dispenser wirelessly using the latest in Bluetooth technology. This easy to install hardware device is coupled with a smart device to authorise fuellers to have access to dispense fluids. All information is transmitted from the smartphone to a cloud-based fluid management database software which operates using cellular communication and real time authentication.

Our Link technology takes the guesswork out of tracking fluid usage and provides you with accurate accountability. Accurate real time reconciliation allows you to track every drop of your fuel and fluid inventory from delivery to usage and can save you money by preventing theft and losses.

Link is a cost effect way to manage your inventory, and the automated process reduces the manpower necessary to track and account for fluid assets. It can help you better utilise and maintain your fleet and set limits on the amount of fuel a specific vehicle is allowed to obtain on a daily basis.

Link is useable in 99% of New Zealand, but it unfortunately cannot operate on gravity feed tanks.