We help you get a clear view of your business


Fluid Usage

The system provides a comprehensive picture of how fluids are being used, where, who by, and through which supplier

Data Compilation

Combine transaction data from any number of sources and compile into a single system repository

Transaction Capturing

App based transaction capture to assist with real time transactions, anywhere and any time

Transaction Monitoring

The FlowInfo system can identify where and when a transaction has taken place, and assign this to the correct staff member who completed the transaction

Cost Analysis

When linked to cost of liquids, comparisons can be made against providers

User Management

Identifies unique users and tracks data accordingly

Data Verification

Checks instantly that the plant number is correct, preventing attributing the liquids to the incorrect plant or vehicle, or attributing to an unknown item.

Improved Security

Automatically captures and sends alerts of any unauthorised transactions

Customer Oriented

FlowInfo’s patented system puts you first as a customer with a focus on monitoring and managing your entire liquid use

Custom Reporting

FlowInfo’s system uniquely combines data from any dispensing source (from raw electronic data) into a single point of management and reporting